8bitdo’s new SNES-inspired retro gamepad is a dream Nintendo Switch controller

Ever since 8bitdo updated their NES30 Pro and other game controllers with Nintendo Switch support, I’ve been using them as the primary way to play on the console. Now at E3, 8bitdo has revealed a new model that might just become the best Switch controller of all time.

The SNES30 Pro (and SFC30 Pro, as its Super Famicom coloured variant is called) has all the buttons you need for full controller mapping of Nintendo’s own Pro Switch controller, and it comes in a package that will be very familiar to 90s kids and anyone else who’s spent a decent amount of time with a Super Nintendo. The only real different is the addition of more shoulder buttons, as well as the presence of two analog joysticks that look like they belonged there all along.

The SNES30 Pro comes in two classic…

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