8Bitdo’s SN30 Pro and SF30 Pro controllers available for pre-order

8Bitdo’s retro Bluetooth game controllers are among the greatest gifts you can get a gamer, since they’re so versatile and so well-designed (especially for those who remember fondly the early console days). The company’s latest controller is now up for pre-order, and it’s an homage to the SNES gamepad that can do a lot more in terms of connecting with modern devices, and offering more buttons for modern games.

The controllers themselves aren’t out until December 10, which makes things a bit tight for gift-giving – but even a pre-order receipt for one of these would be a welcome addition to may stockings. They come in both an SNES (SN30) and Super Famicom (SF30) colorway, so players one and two can have distinct looks, and they also pack in rumble feedback and motion…

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