After years of neglect, Snapchat wins in the developing world

Snapchat doubled its Rest of World revenue this quarter. That’s a surprise, considering CEO Evan Spiegel never seemed to care about anyone but U.S. teens. Snapchat’s Android app was buggy. Its videos loaded too slowly on weak connections. And Spiegel even admitted “Historically we’ve really focused our efforts on markets where [high-end phones and broadband mobile networks] are available.”

That left the door wide open for Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status to steal the international market before Snap could arrive. In Q4 2016, Snapchat total users in the Rest of World stayed worryingly flat at 39 million.

But Spiegel changed his tune this year with a massive set of strategy flip-flops. Three months ago he admitted that “In order to further scale…

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