Amazon launched a million things today but all I want is a new Kindle

Amazon launched so much new stuff today that I can’t even remember what they all are (there might’ve been a fish in there, even), but there was a glaring omission in the slate of reveals: The Kindle. Amazon’s e-reader has a long and successful track record, with each successive model and iteration bringing some nice changes to the table, but the last big change came out in June, and the one that I loved, the Oasis, was released last April.

Typically Amazon has brought out a new version of its Kindle hardware at least once per calendar year, and often it’ll release updates mid-year that include spec bumps, or neat market-specific features like last October’s Paperwhite 3 “Manga Model” for Japan. So far in 2017, however, we’ve been left high and dry in terms of e-ink…

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