App economy to grow to $6.3 trillion in 2021, user base to nearly double to 6.3 billion

The global app economy will be worth $6.3 trillion by 2021, up from $1.3 trillion last year, according to a new report this morning from app analytics firm App Annie. During that same time frame, the user base will almost double from 3.4 billion people using apps to 6.3 billion, while the time spent in apps will grow to 3.5 trillion hours in 2021, up from 1.6 trillion in 2016.

These figures represent more than just the revenue generated through app stores, the firm noted. It also took into account other forms of monetization, like in-app ads and mobile commerce.

Today, the 3.4 billion app users, on average, spend $379 in apps across all three forms of monetization last year, or $0.80 per hour, per person. This will grow to $1,008 per user by 2021.

This figure, of course, varies…

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