As Android O debuts, Marshmallow still commands about a third of devices

The arrival of a new Android version isn’t nearly as rare as a total solar eclipse, but Google’s hoping the solar system will share the spotlight as it takes the wraps off its latest mobile operating system. Among other things, Android O will likely be getting an official release date and alphabetic dessert name, with “Oreo” looking like the top contender.

So, how does the current Android landscape shake out? Fragmentation will almost certainly continue to be a concern for the Android ecosystem. That’s just the nature of the beast when you’re dealing with an open operating system and countless different manufacturers, each with their own Google partnerships, customizations and security focuses. But things actually seem to be heading in the right direction since the last time we checked in.

Back in November, we noted that Gingerbread, Android’s 2011 version, had a wider distribution than Nougat, the latest version, released earlier in the year. But Nougat has…

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