Astropad’s Luna Display is the portable display solution you’ve always wanted

Wireless displays have always had too many compromises to be practically useful for me: Lag, image quality, consistency of connection, on and on. But new hardware from Astropad, the maker of the popular iPad app that you can use to turn your tablet into a drawing tablet, has finally convinced me that high quality, easy and reliable wireless external display tech is within reach, and actually set to be available very soon to consumers thanks to a new Kickstarter project.

Luna Display is a tiny dongle, not much bigger than the average thumb nail, which plugs into either your computer’s Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt, too) or a USB-C or USB 3 (two models will be available) port on modern Macs. The dongle then works with an app on your iPad, connecting using your Wi-Fi network to…

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