Bill Maris on Algorithms, Zenefits, and Increasing GV’s Yearly Fund to $500 Million

On Thursday night, at a StrictlyVC event in San Francisco, I talked with GV CEO Bill Maris about a wide range of issues, including what happened with its Europe fund, why GV didn’t invest in Zenefits, and why Maris alone makes every decision on behalf of the powerful venture unit, which now employs 70 people.

I’m a venture geek and found much of what he had to say interesting. Hopefully, you’ll find the conversation instructive, too. (It’s been edited lightly for length.)

TC: You work for the most valuable company in the world. You run its venture arm. Every decision falls to you and you alone.

BM: It’s getting scary. [Laughs.]

TC: What is the trickle-up process?

BM: So all the investment decisions I make, going into a company or when and how to come out of it, is…

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