Bragi’s Dash Pro is a sophisticated and smart AirPods alternative

If you’re feeling AirPods envy but don’t want/can’t find/don’t have ears that work ergonomically with Apple’s white tube option, there’s a new top choice alternative – provided you’re willing to pay the price. Bragi’s Dash Pro is the latest set of fully wireless earbuds from the dedicated headset computing company, and its experience with its first two products really show the company has learned a lot.

The Dash Pro is $329, which is more than double the U.S. price of AirPods, but they’re designed to be more than just wireless earbuds. They include onboard storage for standalone use, and new to this generation, a four-dimension gesture control interface, as well as support for iTranslate, an iOS app that will give you in-ear translation of spoken words provided…

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