Build A DIY Raspberry Pi Supercomputer And Beat The NSA At Its Own Game

If you want to crack the secrets of the universe or reverse quantum time you’re going to need a supercomputer. Why not make that supercomputer out of a bunch of Raspberry Pi boards?

This Instructable shows you how but there’s a bit of a catch. Remember that Raspberry Pi boards aren’t very powerful and putting a bunch of them together is kind of like getting a lot of puppies into a basket: it’s a lot of fun but you’re not going to get much work done. But, on the other hand, you have puppies.

You can watch the how-to video below. The system uses MPICH or the Message Passing Interface and a few interconnected Raspberry Pis to create a small cluster. You can run all sorts of programs using this cluster including the Python password cracker which will then give you the keys to…

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