Color Switch Falls To The No. 2 Games Slot (But Is Still As Addictive As Ever)

Did you hear about that crazy-popular game that sat in the No. 1 Games spot on iTunes for more than a month and a half? I’ll give you a hint, it has color in the title. Color Switch is a tap-based obstacle game that adds an additional level of difficulty because you are constantly changing colors. The game offers three modes: race, challenge and continuous play. And if you are feeling like you want to switch it up, you also have the option to play challenges in reverse.


Color Switch is addictive and I am terrible at it. Despite that, I can’t stop playing. When I heard the back story of how the game was made and by whom, I couldn’t help but love-hate it even more. The game’s creator, David Reichelt, is actually colorblind, which is hard to believe if you’ve played even…

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