Crosley’s First Direct Drive Turntable Doesn’t Disappoint

Crosley’s turntables don’t have the best reputation among vinyl heads. Almost all of the record players the company makes are designed for first-time buyers. They’re cheap, both in terms of price and design.

The first turntable I owned was a Crosley. Most of the parts were plastic, and it didn’t produce great sound. If you played anything with heavy bass, the tone arm would skip around. The plastic cover on the top broke after six months, and the device eventually only produced sound at half volume after being “active” for a year. It wasn’t a great device, but it got me hooked on vinyl.

When I went to upgrade to a better deck, I didn’t think at all to get a Crosley. It’s the exact problem that Crosley the brand is looking to tackle with its newer C Series…

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