Cute robot Kuri will also work as your family videographer

We’ve written several times about Kuri, a self-driving robot that responds to voice commands. But there’s a big question that still hasn’t been answered.

As Chris Matthews, vice president of marketing at Mayfield Robotics put it: “What does Kuri do?”

In other words, we know that Kuri is cute and fun, but why would someone pay $799 for it? The answer — at least a big part of the answer — comes today in the form of a service called Kuri Vision.

Kuri Vision turns the robot into a family videographer, recording eight videos every day, each of them five seconds in length. The service takes advantage of the vision capabilities that the company announced recently, with Kuri able to recognize family members and even pets.

As CEO Mike Beebe explained to me, Kuri uses that…

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