Cyanogen’s New MOD Platform Will Allow Developers To Deeply Integrate Their Apps Into Its OS

Typically, mobile apps are stand-alone experiences that play nicely with the operating system but aren’t fully integrated in it. Cyanogen — the company best known for its Android-based Cyanogen OS — is launching MOD today, a new developer platform that will give app developers the ability to integrate their apps more directly into the operating system.


The basic idea here is to give developers access to many of the native APIs that were previously only available to the OS developers themselves so they can write integrated versions of their apps or extensions for their existing ones.

Given the potential security implications of this, it’s no surprise that Cyanogen is only working with a small number of developers on this for now, but the company wants to open this platform up to all developers in the long run.

Cyanogen tells me that it sees these ‘mods’ as “the evolution of apps” that will usher in the “post-app era.”

What does this mean in practice? With…

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