Facebook Messenger’s ‘Your Emoji’ status tells friends what’s up

Want to let friends know you’re trying to party, hit the gym, focus on work or grab a drink? That’s the idea behind a powerful new feature Facebook Messenger is testing called Your Emoji. Akin to offline meetup app Down to Lunch, it lets you overlay a chosen emoji on your Messenger profile pic for 24 hours as a way to spur conversation and hang outs, or just let people know what you’re up to without a dramatic post or Story. It’s a bit like AOL Instant Messenger’s old away messages.

WhatsApp blog WABetaInfo shared a screenshot of the test with Matt Navarra. Now a Messenger spokesperson has confirmed this test and how it works to TechCrunch:

We’re testing the ability for people to add an emoji to their profile photo in Messenger to let their friends know what they’re…

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