FBI account of tracking and arresting an online ‘sextortionist’ is grimly satisfying

Tales of internet trolls and worse things are common to hear about — that is, if you’re not experiencing their effects yourself, as many are. But while those stories often end in the victim uselessly soliciting the help of Facebook management or clueless law enforcement, this one ends up with the perpetrator in question, a low-rent script kiddie who targeted girls, completely owned by the FBI.

The case of Buster Hernandez, alias Brian Kil, is a welcome breath of fresh air — while at the same time it’s a sobering reminder that people like him are a common threat and many do get away with it, as he vainly boasted he would.

The story is this: Hernandez, a 26-year-old who lives in Bakersfield, California, would track down the subjects of nude pictures acquired from compromised…

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