Four Counter-Drone Technologies We Need Now

As innovation goes, the idea of a trained bird of prey taking out a menacing quadcopter is hard to beat, as a Dutch law enforcement video recently showed. Peruse YouTube; there are hours of footage of birds of prey doing what may be the most elegant solution yet to what is becoming a vexing problem. Besides, what could be more American than a bald eagle taking out a wayward drone at a Super Bowl? Apart from Lady Gaga’s outfit, of course.

The risk is certainly there. The FAA said February 3 that Super Bowl 50 south of San Francisco would be a “No Drone Zone,” meaning no drones can be flown “within a 32-mile radius of the stadium.” Fortunately a mishap was avoided, but past months have seen plenty of drones in the wrong place at the wrong time, from crashing on the White…

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