Glow Debuts A New App For Tracking Baby’s Milestones, Plus Plans For Premium Services

Glow, the company behind a suite of apps for tracking female and male fertility, pregnancy, menstruation, and sexual health, is again expanding its lineup with the launch of an application for new parents: Glow Baby. The app allows its users to track baby’s key developmental milestones, including things like when the baby first lifts its head, grabs with both hands, smiles, makes eye contact, sits up, and much more.

Of course, babies tend to hit these milestones at their own pace – some earlier than others. But having a general sense of whether or not the child is progressing can help alert parents to problems. For example, if a baby isn’t responding to his or her own name at some point, it could indicate they have trouble hearing. If baby is missing milestones by a wide…

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