Go big and go analog with the Lomo’Instant Square camera

We don’t do a lot of Kickstarter posts because the outcomes of crowdfunding campaigns, especially hardware ones, are notoriously unpredictable. But it’s with an easy conscience that I recommend Lomography’s new instant film camera; I backed the company’s last one, the Automat, and it’s been fantastic. This one looks similarly fun, and shoots in a larger format.

The Square has a funky folding-bellows design, which gives it a sort of Polaroid SX-70 vibe. It’s a good thing it folds, too, because otherwise the camera would be even more of a beast. The Automat focused on compactness, but it could do that because it shot on Instax Mini; I’ve grown to love the little ones but I can’t say I’d mind a little extra space to work with either. Moving up to the larger Instax…

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