Google says it removed 700K apps from the Play Store in 2017, up 70% from 2016

The relatively open nature of Android has made it a target for malware authors and other bad actors of all stripes who often try to get their wares onto your phone through both the official Google Play Store, third-party app stores and any other way they can think of. For most users, though, the main Android app store is Google’s own Play Store and as the company announced today, the company removed 700,000 potentially harmful or deceiving apps from its store last year. That’s up 70 percent from 2016.

This means your chance of installing a malicious app — be that one that tries to damage your phone or steal your information, or an app that is simply trying to deceive you into thinking it’s Spotify when it’s just a bad copycat — from the official Play Store is getting smaller by the day. Indeed, as Google VP and Head of Security for Google Play Dave Kleidermacher tells me, the chance of installing a malicious app is now 0.00006 percent (and Google sees about 8 billion…

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