Google’s Project Fi now offers data coverage in 170 countries

Project Fi, Google’s multi-network cell service, now provides you with data coverage in 170 countries.

That’s up from the 135 countries in which the company has long offered service. New countries where service is now available include the likes of Belize and Myanmar.

The good thing here is that Project Fi still doesn’t charge you extra for your data usage in these countries. You’ll still pay the usual $10/GB, no matter where you are, and SMS usage is unlimited, too. Voice calls to the U.S. from all supported countries cost $0.20/minute.

T-Mobile, which offers unlimited international data for most of its post-paid plans, says it covers “140+ countries.”

Depending on how you count, there are just less than 200 countries in the world. Chances are that Project Fi now has…

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