HomePod firmware hints at upcoming Apple TV with 4K support

Last week, Apple accidentally released a firmware for the HomePod. This file is filled with references to unreleased Apple devices. According to strings in a library file spotted by Guilherme Rambo, the next Apple TV is going to support 4K videos as well as Dolby Vision, HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma.

An Apple TV that supports higher resolution videos isn’t really a surprise as Apple is late to the game. Amazon released a 4K Fire TV back in 2015. Google released a Chromecast with 4K support last year. Roku started adding 4K devices to its lineup in 2015.

More interestingly, the new Apple TV is going to support high-dynamic-range videos. HDR is a bit harder to explain — it’s not just more pixels on a screen. If you have an HDR-compatible TV, you can display videos and play…

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