Hopscotch, E-Commerce For Mums In India, Lands $13M Led By Facebook Co-Founder Saverin

Hopscotch, an India-based e-commerce service focused on mums and founded by a former Diapers.com executive, has closed a $13 million Series C round led by Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin.

Saverin rose to fame via his involvement in Facebook, which ultimately ended in 2005 when Mark Zuckerberg diluted his shares. Still, his stake (and potential taxes) was enough to warrant giving up his passport and moving Singapore, where he since married and started a family, before Facebook’s IPO.

These days, Saverin is a media recluse but an active startup investor, with female- and family-focused e-commerce a particular interest. He recently backed newly-renamed Orami, which operates in a similar space to Hopscotch in Southeast Asia, and he has now joined the Hopscotch board following…

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