I have an SNES Classic Edition, and it rules

Just in time for a weekend during which I had already planned to do nothing productive, a small package from Nintendo containing what will likely be its hottest item since the NES Classic Edition… which is to say, of course, the SNES Classic Edition.

A full review is now underway, but I thought it worthwhile to point out a few things.

  • It’s just as tiny as the NES Classic edition. It has a larger footprint but it’s flatter.
  • You can’t open the cartridge slot. Playing without anything there looks a little weird; Nintendo should have sold vanity cartridges that do nothing but stick up.
  • The new 16-bit menu chiptune is solid but I prefer the NES one.
  • Having to swing the little door down to plug in controllers is a bummer. And the eject button, it does nothing! 😢

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