I spent the morning playing with the Nintendo Labo

Labo is peak Nintendo. It’s strange, it’s innovative, it’s pretty silly and it’s completely unexpected. As longtime PR rep David Young told us during a quick chat at today’s event, “when people think we’re going to zig, we zag.” Nintendo Labo is Maximum Zag.

We spent most of the morning with Labo, at a brightly colored event in New York City, staffed by a team of enthusiastic reps. They walked us through the creation process in a space overflowing with eager kids and tins full of gummy bears and goldfish crackers.

Three quick observations after devoting most of my day to the cardboard kits.

  • The “Toy Con” creations are surprisingly and impressively complex and responsive.
  • The advanced ones take a while to build, even for a mature (okay,…

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