In LA, some investors wish they all could live in an esports world

It’s 78° and sunny in Venice.  The southwest swell is drawing surfers and sun-worshippers to the beach. But inside a nearby house, the residents couldn’t care less.

They crowd around  high-end PC rigs, yelling into headsets.Their hands are blurs over keyboards, mice dart across tabletops.  The air is hot and and a cacophony fills the halls. Welcome to esports and the house of team Fnatic.

The Fnatic team plays Overwatch, Blizzard’s newest and fastest growing esports title. Fans are drawn by the opportunity to watch pros play at levels they can only dream about, like weekend golfers following Master’s pros across the fairways. Esports is well on its way to becoming big business and like all new businesses, entrepreneurs are founding companies to ride this wave of…

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