iPhone 8 teardown reveals few surprises, but more camera details

The always hotly anticipated iFixit teardown of the iPhone 8 has arrived, and while it doesn’t harbor much in the way of surprises, there are a few tidbits you may want to know about hiding in there. Especially if you like hearing about things like “pixel pitch.”

Basically, the phone is, as you might have expected, very much like an iPhone 7 with a fresh coat of paint (and super-glass). It comes apart much like the 7 did, although there are a few less of Apple’s special screws, replaced by ordinary ones. The back panel, unfortunately, is more difficult to access than ever: iFixit ended up having to slice off the glass with a razor.

The battery of the 8 is slightly smaller than the 7’s: 6.96 mAh versus 7.45 in its predecessor. It shouldn’t make much of a difference,…

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