iPhone X at Six Months, Janelle Monáe's Odyssey, and Cat DNA: The Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

Photo: Gizmodo, Screenshot: Atlantic Records

On the internet, a week is a lifetime—especially when it’s the opening week of Avengers: Infinity War. Unlike seemingly everyone else, I’ve yet to see the Marvel blockbuster, an admission that is likely enough to inspire my colleagues at io9 to greet me at my desk in the morning with pitchforks. It also means running from anything that even smells like a spoiler. So I can tell you right now—nothing in this post is an Infinity War spoiler. If, instead, the drama you’re still getting caught up on is the Cambridge Analytica scandal, well, I have some bad news.

Cambridge Analytica Is Shutting Down

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On Wednesday, Cambridge Analytica employees learned that its parent company, the SCL Group, was shuttering the business, with…

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