iPhone X clone? Xiaomi Mi 8 has notch, face unlock, top chipset but far lower price

Video: Huawei and Xiaomi smartphone shipments grow.

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has announced the Mi 8, its iPhone X lookalike with a notch and face unlock.

While it’s hard not to see the similarities between the Mi 8 and iPhone X, from the notch to the positioning of the rear cameras, the Mi 8 Explorer Edition’s eye-catching transparent glass back showing off its internals stands apart — even though some have cast doubt as to whether it shows actual components.

In another Apple-like move, Xiaomi opted to hop straight from last year’s Mi 6 to the Mi 8 to mark its eighth anniversary in the smartphone business.

Regardless of the comparisons to the iPhone X, the Mi 8 lives up to Xiaomi’s tradition of cramming…

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