Italian incubator H-Farm prepares for a new crop with a campus slated to open in 2018

There’s a farm outside of Venice, Italy, that cultivates tech talent the way that other farms grow crops.

Called the H-Farm, the compound nestled in the Venetian countryside will open Italy’s most advanced technology education campus, providing all levels of education — from primary school to master’s degrees — to students coming from all over the world.

“Forming the next class of innovators is the biggest challenge our country needs to face in the next years,” says Riccardo Donadon, CEO & founder of H-Farm. Carlo Carraro, the former president of Università Ca’ Foscari in Venice (one of Italy’s most prestigious public Universities) , has been chosen as the Head of Education. The school will offer robotics, AI, and data science and coding classes.

The campus will…

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