Kano’s next learn-to-code kit is a build-it-yourself laptop

London-based Kano has another code kit in the works to add to its STEM targeting gamified educational line of build-it-yourself kids’ products ahead of the present-buying holiday season.

The kit is being priced at $249.99/£229.99, and is up for pre-order from today — through the Kano website and via “select retailers and e-tailers” — with shipping due to start on November 1.

The Computer Kit Complete takes the next obvious step of combining two prior Kano products: its original (screenless) Kano computer kit and the expansion Screen Kit that followed, in a new all-in-one computer kit Kano it’s billing as a “laptop”.

“First, you assemble your own laptop with a step-by-step storybook, learning how batteries, sensors, speakers, and USB boards work. Then you…

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