Let's Talk About Tonight's Walking Dead Finale, Shall We?

Well, it was a mid-season finale. The Walking Dead likes to save its major events for premieres and finales. So although we knew the Negan/Rick conflict wasn’t even close to over, and—hmm? What? You just want to talk about that last-minute shocker? Yeah, okay.

So Carl basically spends most of the episode being pretty rad. When Negan and the Saviors come in vengeance, he takes charge and gets everyone out of town while he talks to the Saviors and delays them. Carl even offers to be the sacrifice he knows Negan will demand in retaliation for the attack. When Negan has had enough and blows the gate in, Carl grabs an enormous pile of smoke grenades and continues distracting the Saviors until he escapes down into the sewers, where all the Alexandrians have preplanned to meet, all while…

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