LG turns to EyeEm to add AI to its cameras

LG today announced an updated version of the V30 smartphone and it comes with a supercharged camera powered by a third-party AI system. LG turned to EyeEm to add new features to the camera. Now, thanks to the EyeEm platform, the LG V30S ThinQ and soon the original V30 can automatically detect the subject of the picture — being a hamburger or dachshund — the camera will adjust the settings to produce the best results.

EyeEm’s AI platform runs locally on the device and does not need to pull AI information from the cloud to help with identification. According to a meeting with LG, even though this platform runs locally, it still has the ability to improve its capabilities as its used more.

LG spokesperson was clear: EyeEm’s system is available to other hardware makers though…

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