MesoGlue Is A Metallic Glue That Replaces Hot Solder

If you’ve ever soldered or welded, you’ll know that things get pretty hot. MesoGlue intends to fix that. It’s a room-temperature metallic glue that lets you stick parts together with reckless abandon and electrical control. The most interesting part of the entire system is that it allows us to solder parts onto boards without heat which will lead to press-fit electronics which, in short, is an amazing development.

These sorts of things are still fairly uncommon and the fact that it works at all should do much to improve the growth of DIY electronics and even reduce the energy needed to solder PCBs en massed. The MesoGlue Silver looks and acts like regular silver solder and you can even use the glue to attach chips to heatsinks permanently without thermal paste, a boon for…

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