Microsoft Launches Pre-Orders For HoloLens Development Kit, Will Start Shipping March 30

When Microsoft first announced HoloLens, its mixed-reality hardware platform, many of us assumed it was little more than a cool demo that was meant to stir up excitement for the company. But it was clearly more than that and starting today, Microsoft will start taking pre-orders from developers who have applied for a unit.

Developers who get an invite will be able to buy a unit for $3,000. The first units will start shipping to developers in the U.S. and Canada on March 30.

With this, Microsoft is also announcing the first set of HoloLens-specific applications that are meant to show off the platform’s capabilities (including a HoloLens version of Skype and a few games), as well as a few more details about the hardware’s spec.

hololens_frontIt’s important to note that this is not a consumer…

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