MongoLab Changes Its Name To mLab As It looks Beyond Database Management

MongoLab has long been the de facto service for deploying and managing MongoDB databases, but now that the company has cornered this market, it’s looking to expand into new areas. Before launching any new products, though, the company decided to change its name and because of this, MongoLab is now mLab.

mLab - LogoMongoLab/mLab CEO and co-founder Will Shulman tells me that he always saw MongoLab as the first part of a two-step plan.

The original idea was to build a service that could take advantage of both the NoSQL movement and its focus on the JSON service. That clearly worked, because MongoLab/mLab just wrapped up its fourth profitable quarter according to Shulman and currently manages about 250,000 database deployments on AWS, Azure and Google (with the vast majority opting for AWS, by…

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