Mozilla brings its private web browser Firefox Focus to Android

Late last year, Firefox introduced a new, private web browser for iPhone, called Firefox Focus. The browser by default blocks ad trackers and can erase your browsing history, including passwords and cookies. Now, over a half-year later, Firefox is bringing the Focus browser to Android devices, with some added functionality.

Like the iOS version, Firefox Focus remains a minimalistic browser experience. There aren’t many configuration options, or even things you’d think of as core browser features – like support for favoriting websites or opening new tabs. Instead, Firefox Focus is designed more for quick searches, or direct visits to URLs, without having to worry about whether your session is being tracked in some way.

Unfortunately, its lack of tabs in favor of simplicity is something that makes it less usable than competitive browsers – tabs are so common that it’s difficult to go without them. It’s also troubled by its choice of Yahoo* as its search engine default….

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