New book vividly reveals Snapchat’s sexty dorm-room origin

“He wouldn’t have to worry about sending a hookup a picture of his junk! And girls would be way more likely to send him racy photos if they disappeared.” That’s just a taste of juicy details found in “How to Turn Down a Billion Dollars: The Snapchat Story,” a new book coming out tomorrow from former TechCrunch reporter Billy Gallagher.

It illuminates how co-founder Reggie Brown actually came up with the idea of ephemeral messaging, how CEO Evan Spiegel kicked him out of the company and how Snapchat went from LA high school toy to IPO.

You can read the most interesting chapter about Reggie’s marijuana-fueled eureka moment with the quotes above in an excerpt from the book published on TechCrunch this weekend: How Reggie Brown invented Snapchat.

Unlike most books about…

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