Nike ramps up membership benefits with Apple Music, ClassPass and Headspace unlocks for app users

The top line is that Nike is rolling out some membership related updates to its app for iPhone and Android today. The updates will come in the form of new unlocks with partnerships like ClassPass, Apple and Headspace. There will also be a bunch of new unlocks coming for exclusive shoes and clothing.

NikePlus Unlocks, the official name for these cards that appear in the Nike+ app Members section, were introduced late last year. They’ve been doing well but as a, let’s just say avid, shoe and clothing hound I personally haven’t found them all that impactful yet. The amount of unlocks was not varied or frequent enough to be habit forming and they’re tucked away in the profile section of the app so you really have to go fishing for them if you want to take advantage.

Among the best uses so far have been exclusive colors of new and classic designs just for members and the occasional exclusive clothing drop for runners or athletes.

Nike says that they’re trying to expand not…

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