Optoma announces a 4k projector for $1,999

4k projectors are finally becoming affordable. Optoma today announced the pricing for its first line of 4k projectors. The UHD60 is $1,999 and the UHD65 is $2,499, making these two models the least expensive 4k projectors available. You can send thank you notes to Texas Instruments.

Optoma unveiled this line of 4k projectors earlier this year at CES. These projectors use a new 4k UHD DLP chip from Texas Instruments. Video nerds will be quick to point out that this DLP chip uses a bit of trickery to display the 4k UHD picture. And they’re not wrong. This 0.67 DLP chip employs 4 million mirrors, yet displays 8 million pixels thanks to the mirror’s ability to create two distinct and unique pixels by switching over 9,000 times a second.

This system is different from other low-cost…

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