Patreon Lens is Snapchat for creators’ paid fans only

Exclusive content is how creators get patrons to pay them a monthly subscription fee on Patreon, so the startup is equipping them with a Snapchat-like tool to turn their private lives into “behind-the-scenes” footage. Patreon Lens launches today within Patreon’s iOS and Android apps so creators can share photos and videos that disappear in 24 hours just with those who pay them at least a $1 a month. And to tempt fans to subscribe, they also can make some Lens content public.

Lens could help Patreon and its creators retain paid patrons by strengthening their connection to the artists, comedians, pundits and game developers they love. It also could make it much simpler for artists to figure out how to generate exclusive patron content without massively interrupting their…

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