Pixel 2 vs. iPhone: Why Google's phone is the best upgrade – CNET


The Pixel 2 is a growing temptation from many current iPhone users.

Josh Miller/CNET

Sometimes, you just need a friend to convince you that you’re right. Over the past weeks, I’ve had a few friends who are “lifelong” iPhone users message me and ask about switching away from Apple. They want to break their biannual iPhone upgrade cycle and eschew the new iPhone X for the Google Pixel 2. One of my friends wrote me this:

“I’m really over Apple iPhones. I’m kind of into the Pixel 2, but that’s only on Verizon, right? I don’t like their unlimited plans. I like the iPhone X, but don’t want it.”

After receiving a handful of similar messages, I decided to take this Pixel pining seriously and share my experiences with both phones. This comparison is less about proving which…

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