Pokémon GO gets three new Legendary Pokémon that’ll move around the world each month

Back in July, Niantic introduced a new concept to Pokémon GO: Legendaries. Meant to be some of the hardest to catch, Legendary Pokémon are ultra-strong, appear only for a limited time and require players to form “raid groups” of up to 20 players to take them down.

It had a peculiar impact on the game. It by no means brought the game back to the crazy, just-after-launch days of seeing mobs of GO players wandering aimlessly everywhere you looked… but it definitely brought players out of the woodwork and brought them together. Successfully taking down a Legendary Pokémon meant organizing a sufficiently large group — which, in most cases, meant getting on your local Discord or Facebook group and setting a game plan.

As of later today, the first set of Legendary Pokémon…

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