Prodigy raises $5.4M to unify the in-store and online car-buying experience

If you’ve ever tried to buy a car, there’s a good chance that a lot of your research has shifted online as it’s become easier and easier to figure out exactly the kind of car you want — and less of it is about going to a dealership.

At least, that’s what Michia Rohrssen is baking on. He and his co-founders started Prodigy, a company based on extending that same kind of experience you have researching cars online to the actual dealership itself. Instead of walking into a dealership knowing exactly what you want, Prodigy aims to make that part of the experience as well by creating a service that customers use online and salespeople use on-site to help a buyer discover the right car for them. So, for example, customers might want to come in and try a few things out, and then…

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