Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active ditches the Infinity Display for ruggedness

After weeks and months of leaks, the Galaxy S8 Active hasn’t left much to the imagination. We’ve already seen the phone from virtually every angle and got a sneak peek of a prematurely launched carrier page last week, to boot. The only thing left was for Samsung to officially make the thing official.

The company’s doing just that this morning, a day before the rugged handset goes up for pre-order  through AT&T here in the States. For the time being, it’s a carrier exclusive — the sort of thing you can still get away with on a fairly niche device. It’s a quiet sort of launch a couple of weeks ahead of the expected Galaxy Note 8 announcement. 

No surprise, Samsung had to ditch the S8’s most iconic feature, the Infinity Display, in order to make the Active sufficiently…

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