Snapchat Now Lets Everyone Pay To Design Geofilters

Snapchat is introducing yet another revenue stream today in the form of on-demand geo-filters.

As it stands now, Snapchat already has two types of geofilters. Community Geofilters can not include logos or marketing and can be submitted for free. For example, where I live in Brooklyn, there are options for Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Brooklyn. The other type of geofilter is a Sponsored Geofilter, where big brands can cover a large area with marketing-based filters.

With on-demand geofilters, anyone with a bit of design savvy can pay Snapchat to create and distribute their own custom geofilters in a specific area for an allotted time.

The minimum size for these geofilters is 5,000 square feet (enough to cover an office building) and the minimum amount of time the geofilter can…

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