Snapchat slips in features like fonts and do not disturb amidst redesign

Snap is waking up to the “Time Well Spent” movement Facebook is already addressing. Snapchat is offering a way to mute specific people without formally blocking them. Meanwhile, the sweeping redesign that’s slowly rolling out comes with ways to jazz up your Snaps with colorful text styles and multiple captions.

The new features focus around making Snapchat the most flexible visual messaging app, doubling down on its most popular use case as its Stories stop growing in the face of competition from Facebook’s Instagram and WhatsApp. Instagram just added its own special fonts, which threatened to make Snapchat’s text look boring. A TechCrunch reader tipped us off with these screenshots.

Snapchat tells me Do Not Disturb quietly rolled out a few weeks ago. By tapping and…

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