Snapchat starts selling $10+ captionable AR masks for events

By combining augmented reality with your customizable captions, Snapchat hopes you’ll share more from birthdays and weddings while earning it a little money. Today Snapchat launches Custom Lenses, expanding its 2016–launched on-demand geofilter program so you can make temporary, geofenced AR effects that people can add to their Snaps at a special event. The Create-Your-Own-Lens maker is now available in the U.S. on the web and iOS app’s settings menu, and will roll out globally and on Android soon.

Users choose from 150 templates that add animal ears, sparkles or the Snapchat dancing hot dog to their face. Then they add a custom caption like “Happy Birthday, Josh!” using Snapchat’s new fonts we scooped last week, including Brush, Italic, Glow, Gradient, Rainbow, Fancy…

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