Snap’s updated Spectacles are doubling-down on an unfulfilled vision

Snap showed off a new update to it’s fabled Snap Spectacles today. They’re new, but only sort of, and it’s not clear that they’ve learned much since the glasses first debuted in fall of 2016.

The changes they did make with V2 (water-proofing, higher-def video, slightly updated design) have fundamentally been tweaks towards perfecting a vision that consumers don’t seem to be identifying with already, all in a package that costs more.

Frankly, Snap was a much cooler company when Spectacles first launched a year-and-a-half ago, Instagram Stories had only launched weeks earlier, Snapchat hadn’t embraced a tumultuous redesign and the then-private company just generally had more positive buzz around it. Fast forward 2018 and the company’s updated…

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