So, Like, What’s the Next iPhone Gonna Be Called?

Photo: Tomohiro Ohsumi (Getty)

Your brand new iPhone X ain’t that brand new anymore, and as it passes the six-month marker of its existence, one has to wonder “What’s next?” No doubt a new fleet of iPhones from Apple, but even that presumption presents yet another question posed by philosophers across the internet: “What’s the next iPhone gonna be called?” What, indeed, you great thinker.

While we’re pretty much still in the dark about the name of Apple’s iPhone X successor, we’ve got a pretty decent idea about one other iPhone, the low-end SE. Reporter Evan Blass shared a cropped screenshot of a document simply stating, next to some blurred out text: “Project Name: iPhone SE (2018).” While it’s by no means a confirmation that Apple is sticking with the iPhone…

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